Barge Mobilization Completed at South Carolina Hydroelectric Dam

Brayman Construction successfully completed the mobilization of 6 barges and a 50T RT crane to support the installation of 48 vertical reinforcing bars in a limited access area at a Hydroelectric Dam in South Carolina last week. The project team successfully completed this challenging project incident-free, continuing our commitment to Safety at every level of the organization.

This is the beginning of our 5th Hydroelectric Dam project for this client since 2016 and our 3rd project installing new vertical reinforcing bars. Eventually, these reinforcing bars will allow for the complete dewatering of each hydroelectric unit facilitating the complete overhaul and installation of a new Trash Rack/Stop Log assembly. These assemblies will allow for safer and more efficient maintenance of the units in the future.

Additionally, senior team members also took advantage of this opportunity to provide training to newer crew members in the safe mobilization practices and procedures for barges and associated marine equipment.

To the entire project team, congratulations for a job well done and thank you for your continued commitment to making “Safety our Attitude for Life”!