Bluestone Dam DSA, Phase 3

Location: Hinton, WV
Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District
General Contractor: Brayman Construction Corporation
Value: $64.5M
Date Complete: June 2017

Brayman was contracted to provide specialty construction services in support of the Dam Safety Assurance (DSA), Phase 3 project located at Bluestone Dam in Hinton, WV.

Work includes construction of a concrete stilling basin, with concrete baffles, in the area below the existing penstocks on the east side of the downstream face of the dam.

Scope requires rock excavation (70,000cy), placement of mass concrete (108,000cy) and reinforcing steel (8,000,000lbs) in order to construct the scour protection slab, divider and training walls. Installation of 3” diameter threaded rock anchors totaling 17,580lf ties the scour protection slab to rock.

Due to the large volume of concrete, erection and operation of an on-site wet batch concrete plant was necessary. The concrete plant meets the Corps of Engineers’ specifications for aggregate rewash and rescreening with cooling equipment to maintain a maximum mass concrete temperature of 65F. The rock excavation is processed on-site to a 4” minus material and utilized as backfill for the structure.
A significant change order, completed in 2012, included installation of 12ea tiedown anchors located on the stilling basin east wingwall. The 2ea, 26-strand; 8ea, 42-strand; and 2ea, 52-strand guide wall anchors were directionally drilled to depths between 105’ and 130’, reamed from 13” to 15” diameter, and meet tolerances of 1:150.

Recently, Brayman received Notice to Proceed for installation of an additional 112ea high capacity dam anchors. These strand anchors will also be directionally drilled to meet a tolerance of 1:150.