Bryson Hydro Station

Location: Whittier, NC
Owner: Duke Energy Corporation
General Contractor: Crowder Industrial Construction
Value: $357,000
Date Complete: December 2016

For the Duke Bryson Project, Brayman was subcontracted to install bar anchors on the Left Non-Overflow Bulk Head at the Bryson Hydro Station in Whittier, North Carolina.

One pre-production test hole was required to be core drilled in order to obtain details on subsurface conditions. The test hole was cored to a depth of 88.6-feet.

A total of 7-each, 1-3/4-inch Grade 150 Double Corrosion Protected Bar Anchors were installed in 6-inch diameter drilled holes. Five anchors were 78-feet in length and two anchors were 58-feet in length. All holes were required to be drilled to within a 1:50 tolerance and alignments were verified with downhole survey instrument. Holes were then consolidation grouted and redrilled to ensure watertightness before anchor installation. All bar anchors on the project were tested to 320-kips.

Containment structures were provided for each piece of equipment and work area to prevent accidental release of drill cuttings, drill water, excess grout, or fuel/fluids into the adjacent Oconalufee Lake.

Anchor installation work was completed from a temporary work platform constructed on the top of the bulkhead. Installation support operations were conducted from a barge stationed upstream in the lake.