Charleroi Locks & Dam Emptying Basin

Location: Charleroi, PA
Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh District
General Contractor: Brayman Construction Corp.
Value: $15.2 Million
Date Complete: December 2015

Brayman was contracted to provide marine construction services for the Charleroi Locks and Dam Emptying Basin project, located 20 miles south of Pittsburgh on the Monongahela River.

The project scope involves construction of an emptying basin adjacent to the new river wall of the lock, and downstream of the dam. The basin is comprised of precast concrete segments on concrete-filled pipe pedestals with drilled shafts and tremie concrete underbase fill, and graded stone protection.

A total of 7 precast reinforced concrete segments will form the outer shell of the 50’ by 110’ emptying basin. Each segment will be fabricated on-site, and weigh up to 220 ton. Panels are being transported by barge through the lock and assembled in place using floating A-frame cranes.

While 6, 60” diameter caissons and 12, 66” diameter pedestals support the basin and anchor it into bedrock, tremie concrete (1500cy) will act as infill for the shell to solidify the structure.

Additional items of work include transportation of excavated riverbed/rock material (12,500cy) to an offloading area; relocation of excavated material (6,000cy) from an offloading area to an upland placement area; and modifications to a government concrete batch plant and associated facilities.