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Emsworth Dam Back Channel

Location: Neville Island, PA
Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers
General Contractor: Brayman Construction Corp.
Value: $3.3 Million
Date Complete: January 2011

Brayman was contracted to provide specialty construction services in support of an abutment stabilization project located at the Emsworth back channel dam along the Ohio River near Neville Island, PA.

This project included the construction of 200lf of Combi-Wall along the Ohio River at the Emsworth Lock and Dam. The wall consists of 48 steel sheets with the king piles founded on 24 drilled caissons.

A template was used for the installation of the first two pipe piles. The template was then secured in place along the work barge. Casing locations were pre-drilled to top of rock. The template was removed and jumped to the next two pipe piles.

As the pipe piles were installed, the sheet piling was paired and installed to the pipe casings via the fabricated interlocks. The casing for the next sequential piles was installed as the rock sockets were completed for the previous two piles. Pipe piles were filled with concrete utilizing the tremie method. In all, the king piles and abutment wall totaled 950cy of concrete.

Scope also included 20 micropiles and 6 rock anchors to stabilize the abutment. Over 1,200 ton of rip-rap was placed for scour protection. Brayman also provided a new concrete facing of the downstream guidewall and miscellaneous concrete repairs. Other work items included dredging and earthwork along the slope behind the wall.

Project challenges included ground water leakage in concrete placement areas, an out-of-plumb abutment wall and poor river conditions. Our team worked closely with the government to overcome the obstacles and completed the project safely and on time.