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First Energy Diffuser

Location: Belmont, WV
Owner: Allegheny Energy Service Corp.
General Contractor: Brayman Construction Corp.
Value: $525,000
Date Complete: January 2012

This project extended an existing outfall below water to a six port duck bill diffuser. Work included the installation of 30" HDPE pipe, elbows, flanges and concrete anchor blocks. The entire assembly was then covered with a protective layer of aggregate and articulated concrete mat.

The project required close coordination between our team, plant personnel and divers to eliminate impacts on the plant and to adjust for frequent changes in river conditions.

Our dive crew was tasked to align, set and install hardware for the diffuser pipe. Divers performed underwater burning and cutting operations on an existing sheet pile wall for proper alignment and placement of diffuser pipe. This team of marine construction personnel and divers was able to place articulating concrete mats to provide proper anchoring for the pipeline.