Freeport Bridge, Freeport, PAFreeport 2

Freeport Bridge

Location: Freeport, PA
Owner: PennDOT, District 10
General Contractor: Brayman Construction Corp.
Value: $63 Million
Date Complete: October 2013

This project included the rehabilitation of the bridge, approaches and ramps over the Allegheny River. The truss section called for replacement of the deck, bearings, and some structural members, relocation of the walkway/bikeway to the southern side of the bridge and a new paint system.

The northern approach, which had numerous ramps with 13 intersections and three “weave areas,” in which merging and departing traffic must cross paths, were reconfigured. The northern end was straightened to form a direct connection with Freeport Road. The existing ramps that cross Buffalo Creek and the Laneville Bridge were demolished and a new bridge was erected, connecting Second Street with Freeport Road.

The project included 197,000cy of excavation, 52,000 ton of subbase and rock; 16,800lf of pipe, 11,500lf of piling; 20,000cy of structural concrete; 1,603 ton of reinforcing steel; structural steel, prestressed concrete beams, concrete and asphalt paving, relocation of a sanitary lift station, design/build of an anti-icing system, and electrical, guide rail, and signing upgrades.

The Freeport Bridge Rehabilitation Project was a three-year project that completed in October of 2013. The refurbished and painted truss, new approach structures and reconfigured northern roadway system have been graciously accepted by the community.