Greensboro Western Loop

Location: Guilford County, NC
Owner: North Carolina Department of Transportation
General Contractor: Vecellio & Grogan, Inc.
Date Complete: June 2015

Brayman was subcontracted to perform specialty construction services in support of the Greensboro Urban Loop project located in Guilford County, North Carolina.

Scope requires installation of 318ea caissons comprising 239ea, 60" diameter; 58ea, 54" diameter; 18ea, 48" diameter; and 3ea, 42" diameter shafts.

Average shaft length is 40', with 10' rock sockets drilled in 15000psi to 25000psi granite. Steel casing bridges the poor soils above this hard rock.

Multiple rigs, a BG24 and an AF220, as well as a LP Drill (Cluster Drill), are being utilized to accelerate the project schedule.

Additional items of work include: facilitation of 41ea mini-SID inspections, performance of 46ea CSL tests, and grouting of 318ea CSL tubes.

The majority of work is being performed from a temporary bridge 15' above an environmentally protected wetland area.

This section of the Urban Loop project is known as the "Western Loop from north of Bryan Boulevard to US 220 (Battleground Avenue)" and entails construction of a $123M six-lane freeway connecting Bryan Boulevard to US 220 in northwest Greensboro.