Hawk's Nest Dam Stabilization

Location: Ansted, WV
Owner: Brookfield Renewable Power Hawk's Nest Hydro LLC
General Contractor: Brayman Construction Corp.
Value: $6.77 Million
Date Complete: December 2014

Brayman was contracted by Brookfield Renewable Power to provide specialty construction services for the Hawk’s Nest Dam Stabilization project located near Ansted, WV.

Throughout the project, Brayman strictly observed all project safety and environmental precautions while closely partnering with the owner to ensure all upgrades met compliance with federal regulations.

Dam Anchors
Scope required installation of 50-each, epoxy-coated post-tensioned multi-strand anchors to upgrade the stability of the existing dam.

In addition to the test anchor, installation included: 12-each, 28-strand;
8-each, 31-strand; 22-each, 37-strand; and 7-each, 50-strand. Anchors range in design capacity from 987kip to 1,762kip and in length from 75-feet to 113-feet.

In most cases, anchor holes range in diameter from 8-inch to 12-inch and were drilled within inches of the gallery and the upstream face of the dam. Directional drilling methods were employed in order to “thread the
needle” between the two points and meet the required 1:150 tolerances.

A temporary steel access platform was erected to support the drill rigs and other equipment. The portion of the river below the dam is a heavily visited recreational area for fishermen and kayakers. In order to maintain minimum river flows for the tourists, it was necessary for crews to “jump” work platforms between closed gates, while preserving open gates for water passage.

Work was also supported from the head pond through use of barge-mounted equipment.

Additional Work Items
Additional work items included the installation of 12-each observation wells in the gallery and installation of 6-each stop logs.