Hulton Bridge

Location: Oakmont, PA
Owner: PennDOT Engineering District 11-0
General Contractor: Brayman Construction Corporation
Value: $64.8 Million
Date Complete: October 2015

The Hulton Bridge spans the Allegheny River and the Norfolk Southern Railroad to connect Harmer Township and Oakmont Borough, located in Allegheny County, PA. The new bridge will replace a two lane, 1544', 4-span, subdivided Parker Pratt through truss structure that was built in 1908.

The new bridge will be located directly upstream of the existing bridge and will include four, eleven-foot lanes (two lanes in each direction); a four-foot median; six-foot shoulders on each side of the roadway; and a sidewalk on the downstream side of the bridge.

Additionally, the project includes intersection improvements on Freeport and Hulton Roads, signal and lighting upgrades, curb and sidewalk improvements, drainage, pavement markings and utility relocation.

The Hulton Bridge is known locally as “the lavender bridge” due to the paint job it received in 1991. While some locals are sad to see the lavender bridge go, we think they will be pleased with the new bridge’s aesthetic features, like the architectural concrete and staining, and the lookouts at each river pier.

The new structure will be a 1633', 4-lane, 5-span, steel girder bridge. The girders are haunched, resulting in 17' - 20' deep girder sections at the three river piers. Span 4, the river channel span, will be partially erected via strand jacking.