IcesFerry1Ices Ferry Bridge, Monongalia Co., WV

Ices Ferry Bridge

Location: Monongalia Co., WV
Owner: WV Department of Highways, District 4
General Contractor: Brayman Construction Corp.
Value: $12.5 Million
Date Complete: November 2012

Brayman was contracted to construct a new four-span, 960' steel girder bridge over Cheat Lake to replace an existing steel through-truss structure. The scope of work also included the construction of two retaining walls and new approaches on each side of the bridge.

Since water elevations in the lake are primarily maintained in accordance with energy demands, levels changed as much as 7' during the course of the project. This dramatic change presented significant
challenges during the caisson installation; concrete pier construction and the structural steel erection which were entirely completed from barge-mounted equipment.

The 10' diameter drilled shafts required a 10'-6" permanent steel casing be installed through the soil strata and a 10' diameter, 2' long rock socket be drilled to support the new bridge loading requirements.

Each drilled shaft took approximately five working days to complete as constant adjustments to the drill rig alignment were required to account for the ever changing water levels.

Structural steel members for the new bridge were also installed from barge-mounted equipment presenting similar concerns with the cranes which were lifting and placing the steel members into final position.

As the construction of the new bridge was along a new alignment, the existing steel bridge remained open until the time came to make the tie-ins necessary to complete the approaches for the new bridge.

The original bridge was safely demolished using strategically placed explosive charges. Once the old bridge was demolished, the steel members were carefully removed from the lake and recycled.

The new Ices Ferry Bridge opened to vehicular traffic a full six months ahead of the contractual completion date.