Iron Mountain

Location: Boyers, PA
Owner: Iron Mountain, Inc.
General Contractor: Holder Construction Group, LLC
Value: $2.1M
Date Complete: March 2016

Brayman was subcontracted to provide drilling services at an underground mine facility located in Boyers, PA.

The scope included the installation of 11 shafts, up to 240-feet deep and 42-inches in diameter, which will be used for various utilities. Tight drilling tolerances were required to assure the shafts broke through the mine at the precise locations. Difficult drilling conditions were encountered as the shafts extended through sands and broken rock with a very high water table. Permanent casing was grouted into the boreholes to create a watertight seal into the mine.

In addition to the vertical shafts, 8 horizontal holes were drilled inside of the mine. The horizontal holes were also lined with steel casing. These holes were used to pass electrical conduit throughout the mine.