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John E. Amos Power Plant

Location: Winfield, WV
Owner: American Electric Power
General Contractor: Brayman Construction Corp.
Value: $6.9 Million
Date Complete: July 2012

Brayman was selected by American Electric Power (AEP) to perform the work for the construction of a new haul road and bridge at their John E. Amos Plant. The purpose of the new haul road was to eliminate the need for trucks hauling fly ash from entering and using public roadways thus reducing the risk to the general public.  

The new haul road included the construction of 0.75 miles of concrete paved roadway and gutter along with a three span steel curved girder bridge. Some of the specific work items included approximately five acres of clearing and grubbing, roughly 65,000cy of earthwork, various drainage upgrades and directional boring beneath the existing state highway. Brayman was required to implement and maintain a comprehensive erosion and sedimentation control plan throughout the life of the project. 

Due to the design curve, the bridge construction presented a very unique challenge to our work force. Many of the steel members were at different lengths requiring significant coordination and detailing during the erection of the steel beams.  The bridge abutment foundations were on driven H-piles (2600lf).  The main components of the bridge construction include standard form work, rebar installation and concrete placement for the bridge substructure. The curve steel beam design added complexity to the forming and placement of the bridge deck and parapet walls. 

Other significant components of the work included the installation of  a 4,700sf  reinforced earth retaining wall, installing new approach slabs with moment slabs and concrete barriers, guard rail upgrades and seeding/mulching of the disturbed areas during construction. 

AEP also added to our scope of work for the construction and installation of a permanent precast concrete soldier pile retaining wall (approximately 5000sf) to protect the road from a deep-seated landslide.