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McElroy 31 Gantry Removal

Location: Moundsville, WV
Owner: Consol Energy
General Contractor: Brayman Construction Corp.
Value: $288,500
Date Complete: February 2010

This project entailed the Asbestos Transite abatement of three sides of the 220' elevated gantry section that runs over State Route 2, between the AEP plant and the McElroy Prep Plant.

Once the abatement was complete, the gantry was prepared for removal. The removal was conducted at night during low traffic conditions and removed in three sections. Utilizing a 350-ton crane, the pieces were placed in the work area adjacent to Rt. 2 on the McElroy side. The pieces were sheared onsite and the concrete and steel were recycled offsite. Once all material was removed, the work area was graded to original condition.