Meadowlands Interchange

Location: Washington County, PA
Owner: PennDOT, District 12
General Contractor: Swank Associated Companies, Inc.
Value: $925,394
Date Complete: October 2011

Brayman was subcontracted to provide specialty geotechnical construction services for the overburden stabilization project located on SR 79 Section P-10 near the Meadowlands Exit.

Included in the contract was the drilling and grouting work necessary for the stabilization of the mined out coal seam beneath the highway and a proposed interchange.

Scope required drilling 307ea vertical/angled injection holes into the mine voids for a total footage of 17,180lf; furnishing/pumping 8,304cy of grout; as well as furnishing/placing 8,304cy aggregate. Work zones spread across five areas and batching was completed onsite.

Brayman’s ability to drill 30° to 35° injection holes (more than industry standard) allowed some of the work to be performed from the edge of the highway rather than the median. This eliminated the need for a separate traffic plan and second mobilization.