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Norfolk Southern Partial Bridge Removal

Location: Johnstown, PA
Owner: Norfolk Southern Railroad
General Contractor: Brayman Construction Corp.
Value: $346,650
Date Complete: April 2010

This project consisted of shoring an existing active rail that was to remain after bridge removal. Once the shoring was completed, the bridge was removed, which is an overpass bridge above State Route 56 in Johnstown, PA. After the deck was removed, the steel girder beams were removed at night during low-traffic conditions using a crane set up in the northbound lane of traffic. The beams were lifted and set onto flatbed trailers and taken to a recycling facility.

The remaining abutment end wall sections were raised to coincide with the existing live rail and a new walkway system was constructed along the south side of the rail.The piers and columns that supported the bridge structure were removed and the areas where they were removed were replaced to match the existing northbound and southbound sidewalk areas. There was a new pedestrian handrail placed in the demolished pier area as well. Finally, the entire underpass area was spall repaired.