Safety is our Attitude for Life.

Brayman's commitment to conduct all of its operations in the safest manner possible begins with the Company principles and is reinforced at all levels. Safety takes priority above everything else.

Brayman’s Safety Team develops and implements policies and procedures that are designed to increase the safety awareness of everyone associated with our construction projects. Ongoing safety training is provided to ensure understanding, accountability and the tools necessary to hold our team accountable and to protect each and every worker. Providing a safe work environment is a priority and adherence to the safety procedures is a condition of employment. We recognize the achievements of those who are responsible for projects with outstanding safety records and encourage others to strive for safety excellence.

Maintaining a successful safety record enables us to protect our most valuable asset – our employees. Brayman’s Experience Modification Rate (EMR) for the most recent years has been below the industry standard of 1.0. To date, our efforts have resulted in EMR ratings at 0.797.