Silk Memorial Bridge

Location: Cambria County, PA
Owner: PennDOT, District 9
General Contractor: Swank Construction Company
Value: $280,000
Date Complete: August 2012

Brayman was subcontracted to provide micropile foundations for support of new abutments at the Silk Memorial Bridge Replacement project, located in Johnstown, PA.

Installation at Abutments A and B consisted of 22, 9 5/8” diameter 181kip micropiles drilled from an elevation of 1160, with a total drill length of 851’. The micropiles were drilled through existing abutments, approximately 22’ thick, and socketed into bedrock.

Additionally, verification test micropiles were installed at both abutments and compression load tests, in accordance with ASTM D-1143, were performed on the sacrificial piles prior to the start of production drilling.