SR88 Crib Wall

Location: Washington County, PA
Owner: PennDOT, District 12
General Contractor: Brayman Construction Corp.
Value: $6.7 Million
Date Complete: March 2014

Brayman received a request from PennDOT for emergency assistance with a project along Ten Mile Creek in Millsboro, PA. The project involved repairing a retaining wall slide that was dangerously threatening the safety of motorists along SR88. The Department of Transportation requested Brayman's assistance, since we were in close proximity at the Masontown Bridge and had a river fleet of equipment and good quality workforce.

We were quick to respond and assist in the development of a wall design and operational plan. Our team moved in quickly and prevented a major arterial roadway from sliding into Ten Mile Creek. If the roadway had slipped into Ten Mile Creek, it would have required SR 88 to close and detour traffic for more than 35 miles. 

The conditions of the roadway were so poor that when Brayman began driving and drilling on the new anchored soldier beam wall, sections of the road actually collapsed and exposed giant sinkholes in the roadway.

Final design included construction of a new 415' anchored soldier beam wall. The wall consists of 93 soldier beams, 93 pair of sheet piles, and 62, 7-strand, 192 kip earth anchors with lengths of 45’ and a 10’ bond zone.

Work was accomplished utilizing land-based and barge-mounted equipment. By extending work hours to include almost every Saturday, from August to November, Brayman’s team safely met the first phase milestone date. Throughout construction, the road remained open but restricted to one lane with temporary traffic signals controlling traffic flow.