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Susquehanna River Bridge

Location: Dauphin and York Counties, PA
Owner: Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
General Contractor: G.A and F.C Wagman, Inc.
Date Complete: June 2006

Brayman was subcontracted to provide specialty construction services in support of the Susquehanna River Bridge Replacement project located west of the Harrisburg East Interchange on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

This project was for the installation of 176 shafts for the foundation of a 40-span precast concrete segmental box girder bridge. The project consisted of 156 shafts, 78" diameter shafts for the bridge piers with 72 in rock sockets that averaged 15 ft in length, and 20, 48" diameter shafts for the bridge abutments with 42 in rock sockets that averaged 10 ft in length. The rock sockets were installed in sandstones and siltstones with unconfined compressive strengths as high as 25 ksi.

The project was particularly challenging as 100 shafts for the piers were located within the limits of the Susquehanna River and its fluctuating water level.

All shafts were inspected for cleanliness using a shaft inspection device (MiniSID) to ensure that no more than one inch of debris or sediment was located on the shaft bottom. Cross hole sonic logging (CSL) was performed to evaluate the presence of anomalies, defects or voids in the shaft concrete- no defects were detected during the CSL testing.