Trafford Veterans Memorial Bridge

Location: Westmoreland County, PA
Owner: PennDOT, District 12
General Contractor: Mosites Construction Company
Date Complete: July 2012

Brayman was awarded the foundation package to perform the bridge caissons and piling work for the nine-span Trafford Bridge. The bridge carries SR 130 over Turtle Creek and two railroad lines. The caisson portion of the project consisted of installing eight, 102 in, caissons with 96 in rock sockets. Each rock socket varied from 14 to 24 ft in length. Due to the size of the caissons, self consolidating concrete and mass pour provisions, permanent casing and technique shaft were required by PennDOT.

The piling portion of the project entailed the driving of 66, H12x74 with approximate lengths of 40 ft each. Due to existing underground utility lines mandatory pre-drilling was required on a portion of the 66 piles.