Team Brayman recently mobilized to begin the installation of a Permanent Micropile Retaining Wall to stabilize a transmission Line in rural Meigs County, Ohio. Our excavator-mounted Comacchio E-60 drill rig allows us the versatility to access the work area and install the Micropiles and tiebacks to stabilize the slide.
It’s not every day you see a 160ft tall tower crane in the middle of the river. Check out the latest milestone at our Bluestone Dam project as we get ready to close the right side stilling basin for the next 2.5 years.
Team Brayman would like to congratulate our Chairman & CEO, Stephen Muck, who was listed on City and State PA’s first Construction Power 75 list. This list identifies the leading builders, contractors, public officials, construction managers, consultants, lawyers, and advocates who are building – and rebuilding – the commonwealth. Read more about his accomplishment here.