Brayman Construction and its affiliate company, Advantage Steel & Construction was recently awarded a $23.3 million joint venture contract by Allegheny County Department of Public Works for the rehabilitation of 9th St. (Rachel Carson) Bridge in the City of Pittsburgh.

This project is the 2nd of the “Three Sister Bridges” that Brayman and Advantage will have worked on with the previous one being 7th St. (Andy Warhol) Bridge, completed in September 2018.

Work on the 9th St. Bridge will consist of blasting and painting of the entire structure, extensive steel repairs, complete replacement of the concrete bridge deck and both sidewalks, as well as replacement and upgrades to the highway lighting system across the bridge. The bridge will be closed and completely detoured to 7th St. Bridge from 2/11/19 to 8/17/20 (approx. 18 months) while work on the structure is completed.