Team Brayman recently completed the placement of two reinforced concrete bulkheads at our Low Head Dam project on the Saluda River in South Carolina. One hundred cubic yards of concrete was placed using a 58-Meter pump truck and a tremie system to construct the bulkheads. The bulkheads are designed to supplement the structural integrity of […]
Team Brayman recently completed an emergency repair for new customers in Ohio. Micropile Deadmen were installed to secure tiebacks used for stabilizing an existing transmission line structure where a slip had occurred. The team also installed instrumentation to monitor the performance of the repair.
Team Brayman recently began drilling anchors for an emergency spillway shotcrete lining in Washington County, PA. An Epiroc T20 self-contained compact drill rig was utilized to drill the anchor holes. Drilling and installing these anchors will allow our General Contractor, Atlas Services, Inc. to continue excavation of the shotcrete wall. We will return in Spring […]
Monolith 34 demolition is underway to facilitate the start of the new permanent divider wall at our Bluestone Dam Project. It’s not every day that you cut a 40-ft hole at the base of a dam.
Many employees work at a single company for 15 years, but few spend that 15 years dedicated to a single project site. While Jim has contributed to countless projects over the years for Team Brayman, he has become a staple at our Bluestone Dam Project. Congrats Jim and thanks for your service.
Team Brayman has recently completed the construction of the Eastbound Crossover, turning traffic onto the new Westbound Bridge on Route 360. This allows us access to the old Eastbound bridge to kick off Phase 2 and begin demo.
Team Brayman was recently awarded a Design-Build Support Of Excavation contract for a steel processing facility expansion project near Pittsburgh, PA. The team is working in low headroom conditions to drive the sheet pile using an excavator-mounted vibratory hammer. Safety is of utmost concern with the overhead obstructions and construction work inside the active facility. […]
Team Brayman recently completed drilling and installing DCP bar anchors at our project on the Saluda River in South Carolina. The team has battled the tough summer heat to expedite the completion of the project. After the restoration of the spillway, the team will move on to the installation of 2 reinforced concrete bulkheads.
Trumbull/Brayman Joint Venture crews recently dewatered the new river chamber at Charleroi Locks and Dam. Roughly 20 million gallons of water were pumped from the chamber giving access to excavation and demolition activities. Approximately 55 thousand cubic yards of old river material and rock, plus 15 thousand cubic yards of concrete demolition need to be […]
Team Brayman recently hosted a Lunch and Learn event where our Project Manager delivered a presentation on how he and his team completed the successful WVPA BDR 1.21 Accelerated Bridge Construction project. As one of few suppliers of ABC services Brayman continues its pursuit of innovation and building great works. The project team demonstrated Brayman’s […]
Have you seen our Happy Flagman in Putnam County? Check out how our enthusiastic Team Brayman member is bringing a smile to local commuters. (Read more)
Team Brayman employees at the Bluestone Dam Project are receiving training on the new GPS survey equipment we are planning to use on the project site.
Team Brayman has completed Abutment A Footer and Pier 1 Footer on the Phase 2 formwork of the Goose Creek project in Bedford County, VA.
Did you know that high-capacity dam anchors can be built with adjustable loading? Read more about this #innovative technology and how it may be applicable to your structure. (Read more) 
Team Brayman has been working diligently to drill and install 1.75″ DCP Post-tensioned anchors for our Client on the Saluda River in South Carolina. The team is nearly halfway complete with the installation of the 19-EA Dam Anchors and is currently looking ahead to the installation of two reinforced concrete bulkheads, designed to strengthen the […]