Brayman Construction / Advanced Construction Robotics announced as the first inaugural winner of the AGC-Audodesk Innovation Award for their creation and commercialization of TyBot™, an autonomous rebar-tying robot.

Official Press Release:

Melissa Clack, Marketing/Public Relations Specialist
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The Associated General Contractors of America has awarded the 2018 Innovation Award to Brayman Construction Corporation / Advanced Construction Robotics 

  • The team’s entry, TyBot™ is an autonomous rebar-tying robot now available to the heavy civil construction industry.
  • The AGC-Autodesk Innovation Award brings validity that TyBot™is not science fiction but a significant innovation for today’s construction industry.

PITTSBURGH, PA – October 1, 2018 – Advanced Construction Robotics (ACR) and its integration partner Brayman Construction Corporation (Brayman) have been awarded the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) Inaugural Innovation Award at the AGC Centennial celebration held in Washington, D.C. Monday, October 1, 2018 for their autonomous rebar-tying robot, TyBot™. TyBot™ is commercially available and uses robotics and AI technology to improve the industry’s productivity in bridge construction projects.

At the celebration, the AGC of America recognized 100 years of service to the construction industry as well as future industry innovations and technologies.  The Innovation Award encourages trailblazers within the industry to provide solutions to the challenges affecting construction. These challenges include labor shortage and lack of diversity, technology advancements, jobsite safety, sustainability, and project complexity. While applicants were judged on their ability to address one of these challenges and the long-term positive effects on the industry, TyBot™ is an innovation that addresses them all.

TyBot™ is a reliable, flexible, and scalable solution set to augment and reduce the labor need in the most critical path activity in bridge deck construction, rebar tying. TyBot™ is the first of many autonomous products ACR has in the works to lead the long-term transformation of the construction industry towards enhanced productivity, improved safety, increased profits, and reduced schedule risk. TyBot™ is a new tool forged out of the next industrial revolution, centered on robotics and artificial intelligence.

Brayman Chairman and ACR Co-founder and President, Stephen Muck shared: “We see a future where the robots will do the backbreaking, repetitive, and less safe work, while creating new types of jobs for existing workers like supervising, servicing, and maintaining these robots. These integrated crews will improve the productivity of the entire industry allowing the rising demand to be met.”

See more information at or watch the TyBot Operational Overview video.