Brayman recently sponsored the Southeast Skills USA Competition for carpentry students in Portsmouth, Ohio, near the Ironton-Russell Bridge project. Carpenters Local 437 coordinated the event that hosted 15 local schools.

The competition took place on Saturday, February 21. Brayman’s sponsorship contributed to the purchase of a carpenter’s toolbox and t-shirt for each student who competed.

Students were required to frame walls using wood and/or metal steel studs, cut and install rafters, gable end overhangs, fascia board and soffit, sheathings and/or exterior siding and trim. They were also required to demonstrate knowledge of stair construction. Contestants were judged on accuracy, ability to read and interpret blueprints, workmanship, safety and the proper use of tools, equipment and materials.

First, second and third place winners received tool kits that were purchased by Local 437 and gas gift cards to help them get to Cleveland for the State Competition.