Brayman was recently awarded a $4.5M project by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation District 1-0 for the replacement of the SR 173-B02 (Adams Street) bridge spanning French Creek, located in Cochranton, PA.

The project involves the removal of the existing 310-foot long, 2-span, through-truss bridge originally built in 1930. The new 340-foot long bridge will be founded on 68 cast-in-place concrete piles, with 3-spans of concrete pre-stressed bulb-tee beams, and will include architectural finishes on the abutments, piers, and barriers.

The demolition and new construction will utilize two causeways joined by a temporary bridge that will be designed and fabricated in-house, as well as two cofferdams for the new piers. The contract includes in-stream work restrictions that will make completion of the new bridge in the limited 7-month window a challenge. The road must be re-opened to traffic by November 2, with overall project completion by the end of April 2016. Work is slated to begin in late March with causeway installation, once all restrictive utilities have been relocated.