Brayman completed the steel erection of the Hulton Bridge, when the final 60-foot wide, 283-foot long, 1,200-ton section was strand jacked into position.

105 individual girder segments were already erected for spans 2-5. But the steel erection for the bridge was finished with the placement of the entire final span. This final segment erection was facilitated by subcontractor Mammoet, a company specializing in heavy lifts.

The girders were pre-assembled on Shugart barges and moved into place the night before the lift. Four 600-ton capacity strand jacks, each using thirty-six 18mm diameter wire strands, were used to lift the segment approximately 70 feet to its final elevation.

The segment contained roughly 8,000 bolts and took crews 22 hours to safely secure. The river navigation channel was closed for less than 48 hours to allow for the prep, lifting and bolt up. Extensive survey and analysis were necessary to ensure that the segment would fit within the allowable gap, with just 1 ¾ inches of final entering clearance on each side. Construction of the bridge deck began this month and the project is on track for completion in October.

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