Construction of the new Lilly Bridge is nearing an end in West Virginia. After an early cold winter delayed the completion of the deck last year, the team was fully prepared to complete the task as soon as the weather broke in the spring.

With the deck construction now complete, the abutment special reinforcement backfill is in progress and roadway grades are being checked for tolerances. Remaining work items include approach slabs, parapet walls, hand railing and pavement work.

Lilly Bridge is on track to open to traffic in early August. Once the new bridge opens, demolition of one of the last remaining cantilever truss bridges in West Virginia can begin, but not prior to October 15. That date is mandated by West Virginia Division of Highway agreements with the local community.

The demolition won’t come without challenges, as the existing structure is within 15 feet of the new bridge. Advanced blasting techniques will also be used for demolition and will be completed by the end of the year.