The Kentucky River Authority has awarded Brayman Construction the $4M, five-month, contract. This project is a continuation of the KY Lock & Dam #3 that our team recently completed and will include simultaneous work at Locks 1, 3, and 4.

We will perform demolition of the existing concrete approach wall at Lock 1, replacing it with a sheet pile wall. Additionally, at Locks 3 and 4, the team will complete the following items:

  • Dredging of approaches and lock chambers
  • Removal of gates, steel repair, repainting and resetting
  • Timber seal replacement at quoin posts, miters and sills
  • Gate anchorage and pintle replacement
  • Various masonry repairs

Speciality Underwater Services, a commercial marine diving company that Brayman has contracted for this project, will perform the significant amount of diver activities required to accomplish the tasks on this project. Ultimately, the completion of this scope of work will make all Locks on the KY River operational, thus allowing recreational boaters access to the Ohio River.