Brayman has completed the drilling of 40 of 132 (9 5/8″) micropiles to support foundations for a new Norfolk Southern Railroad Bridge near Federal Street in Pittsburgh. Brayman is a subcontractor for the Trumbull Corporation project.

Due to phasing for track restrictions, 48 micropiles must be drilled under the existing bridge in less than 15 feet of headroom. Crews removed mast sections from the HD112 drill rig to meet the clearances. A mini excavator, fitted with an EZ Spot Pole Setter attachment, enables heavy sections of casing and drill rods to be added and removed during the drilling process. The EZ Spot Pole Setter essentially acts as “hands” for the excavator to squeeze and turn the casing sections. After the micropiles under the existing bridge are completed, 42 micropiles will be installed on the northern side of Federal Street. Crews will then leave for the fall and return next spring to install 42 more on the southern side of the street.