MarkWest Liberty Bluestone

  • Location: Butler County, PA
  • Owner: MarkWest Liberty Bluestone, LLC
  • General Contractor: Songer Steel Services, LLC
  • Estimated Value: $4.3 Million
  • Completion Date: February 2017

Brayman was contracted by Songer Steel Services, Inc. to complete the concrete foundations for a new gas processing De-Ethanizer facility being constructed by a midstream operator located in Butler County, PA.  Brayman’s work consisted of the installation of 149 drilled caissons, 30-inch diameter up to 70-feet deep.  Operating five large diameter drill rigs simultaneously, a first for the company on a single project, the shafts were completed in three weeks.  The accelerated schedule continued for the construction of nearly 200 spread footers, pedestal supports, wall piers, building foundations, and containment slabs necessary to support the equipment for the new gas processing facility.

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