North Fork Spillway Soil Nail Wall

  • Location: Asheville
  • Owner: City of Asheville Water Resources Department
  • General Contractor: Phillips and Jordan
  • Estimated Value: $555,000
  • Completion Date: 8/1/2018

Brayman was subcontracted to provide specialty geotechnical construction services in support of a spillway expansion project at the North Fork Dam near Asheville, NC. This dam is located at the Black Mountain Reservoir, which provides the water supply to the City of Asheville. Brayman’s scope of work included the installation of a 5719 square-foot soil nail wall.

The wall was constructed in two sections, the Primary “lower” wall which contained 112-ea soil nails, and the Secondary “upper” wall which contained 21 tieback anchors and 25 soil nails. Pressures up to 140 psi were used for grouting the tiebacks. Brayman utilized shotcrete to construct the tieback anchor blocks in lieu of standard precast blocks. The project was completed with zero safety incidents despite the remote jobsite access and difficult weather conditions.

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