Sammis Power Plant

  • Location: Stratton, OH
  • Owner: First Energy Generation Corporation
  • General Contractor: Bechtel Power Corporation
  • Estimated Value: $24 Million
  • Completion Date: March 2008

Brayman was contracted by Bechtel to provide specialty geotechnical design/build services for First Energy’s Sammis Power Plant Project located in Stratton, OH.   Ultimately, four driven H-pile designs and two micropile designs were necessary to support the multitude of structures associated with the selective catalytic removal (SCR) and flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) equipment upgrades.

Scope of work involved the installation of deep foundation systems requiring in excess of 5,000 driven H-piles (over 75 miles) and nearly 300 micropiles. Since structure locations were scattered throughout the project site, and only approved for construction as they became available, efficient scheduling of resources was critical to the success of this project. All driven pile work was performed with land-based equipment.  In areas where conventional driven piles could not access the work, drilled micropiles were installed to support the loadings. For protection of existing structures throughout the project site, various temporary shoring walls were also constructed.

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