SR88 Cribwall Emergency Slide Repair

  • Location: Washington County, PA
  • Owner: PennDOT, District 12
  • General Contractor: Brayman Construction Corporation
  • Estimated Value: $7M
  • Completion Date: June 2014

Brayman was quick to respond with assistance in the development of a wall design and operational plan. Final design included construction of a new 415-LF anchored soldier beam wall. The wall consisted of 93-each soldier beams, 93-pair of sheet piles, and 62-each, seven-strand, 192-kip earth anchors with lengths of 45-feet and a 10-feet bond zone.

Work was accomplished utilizing land-based and barge-mounted equipment.  By extending work hours to include almost every Saturday, from August to November, Brayman’s team safely met the first phase milestone date. Throughout construction, the road remained open but restricted to one lane with temporary traffic signals controlling traffic flow. Ultimately, not only was our team able to prevent the roadway from sliding into Ten Mile Creek, we also prevented an ensuing road closure accompanied by a 35-mile traffic detour.

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