PTC Sheet Pile MP 39.62 – 44.04

  • Location: Allegheny County, PA
  • Owner: PA Turnpike Commission
  • General Contractor: Trumbull Corporation
  • Estimated Value: $4.5M
  • Completion Date: 10/19

Brayman was subcontracted to provide specialty geotechnical construction services in support of a roadway and bridge reconstruction project located between milepost 39.62 and milepost 44.04 along the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Allegheny County, PA. Brayman’s scope of work included installation of an earth retention system comprised of sheet piling, as well as the implementation of a mine grouting program.


Brayman supplied and installed the sheet piling required to construct Wall RE40.84WB. The permanent retaining wall system consists of wall face sheets and perpendicular fin sheets joined together via three-way connectors. The wall totaled 1500-LF in length and consisted of 1600 pairs of sheet piling. The wall was value engineered from a MSE wall with temporary shoring to the a single permanent sheet pile wall.


The grout stabilization of an underground mine entrance required drilling 2,260-linear-feet of grout injection holes. In addition, the design, furnishment, and pumping of 667-cubic-yards of grout was necessary to fill the existing mine entrance.

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